our services

We think differently at EcoPure. Our approach is that cleaning is both an art and a science and there is a balance between both. We believe there is a lot more to cleaning than the actual cleaning.

First, we believe the basis of all relationships is built on trust. We understand the trust that you put in us to be in your home or office and we demonstrate our trustworthiness through our actions.

Second, we believe that a successful relationship is where both parties feel that they value they receive is equal.  This starts with a clear understanding of what your cleaning goals with a walk-through estimate of your space.   We ask many questions so we can understand the true needs of your home or office and identify a cleaning routine that makes sense for you.

Next, we provide a customized estimate that outlines what services we will provide.  We have a standard list of services, but no one is standard. We will also identify which team member will work best with your environment.  We look to match skills, personalities, and schedules to find your primary cleaner and back up cleaner. This is part of the art of what we do.  

Once we agree to work together, the science of what we do takes over.  We provide a safe,effective cleaning for your home or office.  We use products that are safe for your surfaces, safe for you, and safe for us.  Read more about our tools and products on our Green is Clean page. If you have a specific concern, call or email us-we will make sure what we use is safe for your specific need. We also have routines that create efficiency and effectiveness with what we do so we can provide the maximum cleaning while we are at your location.

Last, simple communication. We provide an electronic invoice to make payments easy and with the method of your choice. We communicate with you as often as you need us to. We don’t need to over complicate cleaning, but we want to make sure you are happy with what we do.

We look forward to providing you the EcoPure experience.