Carpet and Fabric Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning improves indoor air quality and is more beneficial for people with allergies and asthma than other flooring choices.

Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have seen symptoms improve with carpet.”  Carpet is considered a “sink” and acts as the largest air filter in a building.   Particles that are in the air eventually land on surfaces, with the majority landing on the floor.  Indoor particulate matter can include dust mites, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, dirt and other particles.   Particles that end up in the carpet tend to get trapped in the carpet, which removes them from the air that you breathe, which reduced exposures to allergens.  Regular carpet cleaning removes these particles from your carpet and extends the life.

New carpet is the lowest VOC emitting flooring choice currently available.

EcoPure Carpet Cleaning improves your indoor air quality.

After EcoPure Cleaning

First, our process dries quickly– typically within an hour. We use drastically less water than older carpet cleaning techniques, which means the carpet dries quickly and there is no chance of damp padding or backing of the carpet leading to mold growth. This also means you can walk on your carpet immediately and put furniture back within a few hours (Ideally 4 hours for anything that could stain the carpet if still damp). 

Second, our process starts with a thorough vacuum using HEPA filtration vacuums. We vacuum thoroughly first, including the edges to capture the dry dirt/pollen and other particles in our vacuums, as opposed to getting stirred up into the air. 

Third, we use safe and effective cleaning agents. We don’t use harsh chemicals; our cleaning agents are safe for everyone (and the environment too). We use newer technology that encapsulates the dirt, allergens, and bacteria for us to take out of your carpet during our process. When we finish, your carpet is sanitized.  We offer two choices of carpet cleaning solutions.   One is only for those extremely sensitive to chemicals or smells.   Most of our clients prefer the more effective cleaning agent that has a citrus based scent as the cleaning is more effective.  

Last, our process ends with another thorough vacuum, which is another way we ensure that we are improving your indoor air quality, while we clean your carpet.

EcoPure Expectations

  • We don’t have long hoses coming from a large truck as we don’t use hot water extraction method.  
  • Your carpets will look better the next day than when we leave. Our technology starts to work immediately and improves the appearance over time. Our process eliminates the “reappearing stains.”
  • We clean any types of carpets and rugs. We can clean natural fibers and specialty rugs. Our process is more gentle than traditional methods.
  • Our main cleaning agent deodorizes and eliminates normal odors. We have additional technology to address severe odors.
  • We love to clean and love to make your carpets look terrific!
  • We may arrive by ourselves, not with a team.  We cannot move large furniture by ourselves.   We request that you move all small items, like baskets and lamps prior to our service.   We will shift what you sit on (sofas and chairs) to clean underneath.    If there are other large items, like bookcases that you would prefer cleaning underneath, please arrange to have these items moved prior to our arrival.   In many cases, if these items are on the surface of the carpet, the carpet may not be dirty underneath.  
  • There are so many peers in our industry that provide great results just like we do at similar prices and we know it is difficult to choose. Many of our clients choose us because they trust our expertise in safe cleaning. They trust in our commitment to provide the healthiest and safest cleaning experience they can get. We are transparent in what we do, how we do it and how we can help. We do not take risks with health. Whether it is a new born baby coming home from the ICU or a doctor’s office trusting us to disinfect their fabric, we take our work very seriously because health is important.
  • Our Whittaker carpet cleaning technology is approved by the Carpet and Rug institute (CRI) and Woolsafe approved Certified Cleaning Solutions – CRI (   Industry Affiliations. Whittaker System

Furniture Cleaning

  • Did you know…  Furniture is one of the most overlooked sources of allergens and bacteria in both homes and businesses.  Typically, the only time furniture gets cleaned is when there is obvious stains or build-up of dirt.  
  • Did you know…  Furniture is an ideal home for dust mites to thrive and bacteria, mold spores, and pollens to accumulate for several reasons. 
    • Dust mites accumulate wherever humans do and if we don’t clean furniture regularly, they build up.  25% of the U.S. population is allergic to dust mites and 90% of people with allergies have a dust mite allergy.  
    • Pollen and mold spores are carried on clothing and brushes off onto the fabric.  
    • People often eat and drop small crumbs of food, which allows the opportunity for bacteria and other pathogens to accumulate. 
    • Furniture isn’t normally vacuumed as often as carpet, the substances accumulate even more. 
  • Did you know… Each time a person sits on the furniture, the movement of the fabric and the air can expel these allergens and other substances into the air and we inhale these small particles into our lungs. As we sit and shift, more of the particles move around for us to breathe in. These particles float in the air for several hours, creating the opportunity for employees that sit at a desk to breathe these in all day long or hours at a time when you are sitting in front of the T.V. relaxing.
    • People that have chronic sinus, respiratory, and/or allergy type of symptoms are usually the ones that are impacted the most.
  • Did you know… EcoPure offers the only anti-allergen cleaning available in Cincinnati. We take furniture cleaning to the next level. We do this safely for your furniture and for your health.
  • We don’t use the same techniques that other carpet cleaning companies use, instead we have a more gentle approach which means we can clean very delicate fabrics.
  • We start our process with a thorough vacuum to remove the allergens and dirt and other dry substances with our HEPA filtration system vacuums. This means when we clean, the allergens are captured in our vacuums, not spread around in your air.
  • We use a machine that super heats water into dry vapor that melts away stains, kills pathogens that can’t survive temperatures that exceed 267°F and removes odors in the process. We combine this with our cleaning agents that are safe for you and your furniture (and the environment too). Our technology has been independently shown through a third-party laboratory analysis to kill bacteria, molds, and allergens.
  • If your furniture were cleaned more frequently, you would breath cleaner air each time you used your furniture. This, combined with other environmental control measures, like carpet cleaning, can improve allergy and asthma symptoms.

Furniture, Drapery, Cubicle / Partition Cleaning

EcoPure fabric cleaning technology melts away stains on without risk of damage.    

The vapor produces less than 5% water, which allows us to clean the most delicate fabrics and the fabric to dry quickly.  

Our dry vapor technology has been independently shown through a third-party laboratory analysis to kill bacteria, molds, and allergens.  

The dry vapor is heated to over 300°F and when applied, the temperature is around 267°F, which is hot enough to kill bacteria, mold, and other pathogens.  

The technology is so effective that with normal stains, we may not need to use any cleaning agents. 

When stubborn stains persist, we use cleaners that won’t harm your fabric, us, you, or the environment.  We use the most effective, least aggressive cleaning agents. Please see our Green is Clean page for more information on our products. If you have any specific questions, please contact us. We are happy to work with you and any special needs you may have.