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Family-owned & providing reliable service for over a decade.  

What is Green?

Green is a marketing term.

Green is Stacy’s favorite color.

Green is the color of chlorophyll.

Green doesn’t have a standard definition.   It is defined by each person, just like human health.   Your definition of a “healthy” diet may be very different than someone else’s.    Your definition of green is most important for us to understand.  

our green

It is our experience that no one really doesn’t care about the planet or wouldn’t prefer to have something less toxic.  It is a matter of the importance to the individual and previous knowledge and/or experience.   Because of this, we have an EcoPure healthy cleaning standard that everyone receives.   

We also understand that many people have compromised immune systems, increased sensitivities, or other reasons to have a much more “clean” lifestyle than the average person.  Because of this, we will do our best to use your definition of green for your environment.    There are times in which cleaning may take longer due to a product change or procedure change.   We are happy to accommodate to ensure that our service protects your health.  

Stacy Do, MA, owner

Amy Dull, Operations Manager