A clean house is a healthy house.  Particulate matter (the “stuff” in dust) is associated with long term health effects. 

A clean house is less stressful.    Studies have shown that when someone’s home is clean, there is a reduction of stress levels.   Most people find that a housekeeping service improves their personal relationships and reduces stress.   

Those with allergies and/or asthma are recommended to not clean themselves or wear respiratory protection when cleaning.   Cleaning can increase symptoms for allergies, asthma, non-allergenic rhinitis and/or other respiratory symptoms. 

If you don’t love to clean or know how your current service is cleaning your air while cleaning your surfaces, consider living your clean life with EcoPure.  

Initial Estimate Process

Our initial conversation(s) are an opportunity for us to get to know your cleaning needs and preferences.   We ask specific questions and listen carefully for things that are/are not important to you and areas that are/are not important so we can focus our time and direct our team to provide you the service that is optimal for you.  

In order to Define Your Clean, we need to determine the following 3 things-

1.      The “level” of service for each area that we clean.

2.     The relative importance of all areas.

3.     The non-cleaning related important factors of a service.  

From experience we have found that everyone has a different definition of “clean.”  Some people feel that if something is sanitized, it is clean.   Some people feel that if it looks clean, it is.  Some people feel both are required in order to be clean.   Some people include clutter and neatness into the definition.  Some people call themselves “germaphobes” and expect that all items are disinfected, neat, and scrubbed clean in order to be clean.    Because of this, it is necessary to determine the “level” of cleaning that you prefer.  

We also understand that some households are busier than others.   Some areas of the home may get used infrequently and others may be used constantly.   In addition, some people want certain areas of the home to be “cleaner” than others.    During the estimate, we determine the relative importance of each room in your home in addition to the level of clean in each area.  

Last, it is not uncommon for clients in a service-based business to be unhappy with customer service, with a particular team member, or other things not related to the actual service itself.    We do our best to adapt to each client’s preferences so that non-cleaning service is a complement to our cleaning service and we are “easy” to do business with.  

Levels of Housekeeping Service

There are three basic levels of housekeeping cleaning- routine, detailed, and deep/restorative cleaning.  

  • Routine cleaning-This is a “basic” sanitizing and/or clean of surfaces.  This is the most economical way to have a great looking home.   This is what most of our clients prefer for a many areas in their home.
  • Detailed cleaning-Detailed cleaning is putting forth additional effort to clean areas in addition to the basic sanitizing of a surface or area and/or cleaning areas in which are not routinely cleaned.  Detailed cleaning is often recommended for the first service to prepare your home for the routine cleaning services.   Examples include: Damp wiping baseboards, moving furniture to clean behind or under it, cleaning the interior of cabinets, damp wiping railing on stairs, cleaning appliances, cleaning windows, etc.  Additionally, some areas of the home need detailed cleaning more frequently such as wiping the faces of kitchen cabinets.
  • Deep/Restorative cleaning-Deep cleaning often requires additional cleaning products, more scrubbing and/or  other techniques to clean.  Deep cleaning is recommended for move-in cleans, homes that haven’t been previously maintained, really active homes with pets and/or children, those that have health concerns, and those that prioritize cleanliness.  The first service may require deep cleaning in some areas of the home to restore prior to routine cleaning.  


EcoPure offers adaptable cleaning plans for all of our clients.   We start our discussions with the EcoPure routine cleaning services during our walk through of your home.  We would discuss and/or recommend how each of these apply to the room and ask for your preferences.  We also discuss rotation of rooms that aren’t used as frequent and other ways to ensure our client’s cleaning investment is focused on their priorities. 

EcoPure Routine Housekeeping Services

  • Dusting- Includes dry dusting of horizontal surfaces, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, wall hangings, and décor items.  Removal of cobwebs.  Includes all surfaces approximately 8 ft and lower (some items 8-12ft. may be accessible with duster wands and/or step stool). 
  • Sanitizing-Includes all door knobs, light fixtures, faucet handles, hand rails in areas that are designated to be cleaned. 
  • Vacuuming of all flooring.  Small rugs will be moved (less than 10 ft²).  Small items can be moved to vacuum around.    No furniture is moved for routine vacuuming. 
  • Mopping of all hard surface floors with a flat microfiber mop.   Flat microfiber mops will be used with a safe and effective cleaner that is a sanitizing agent. 
  • Bathroom cleaning*-Includes scrubbing of entire shower/tub area, toilets, countertops, and sink.  Cleaning of mirrors and dusting.   *Our routine bathroom cleaning is really a detailed clean.   We feel strongly that all showers should be detail cleaned each service.  Showers can be wiped upon request to reduce cost, but over time the appearance may diminish.
  • Kitchen cleaning-Includes countertops (moving small movable appliances), cook top, exterior of all appliances (oven, refrigerator), interior and exterior of microwave, scrubbing of sink.  
  • Trash and recycling are removed from each waste receptacle and put into exterior designated trash/recycling bins as instructed. 
  • 10 minutes of tidying to access areas to clean.     

Detailed Cleaning Services

  • Dusting- Damp/hand wiping using the most appropriate cleaning agent.   
  • Moving furniture to clean behind/under. 
  • Window/door glass cleaning.
  • Vacuuming-edging carpeting or vacuuming furniture.  
  • Wet mopping of hard flooring with traditional mop/bucket type system.  
  • Bathroom cleaning-same as routine cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning-cleaning of kitchen cabinets, cleaning backsplash, removal of buildup.

Deep (restorative) Cleaning Services

  • Dusting- scrubbing, soaking, vacuuming, moving of larger furniture to get behind/under.  Using small tools to clean crevices.    
  • Using a floor machine or other cleaning tools/agents to scrub hard flooring.    
  • Bathroom cleaning-restorative cleaning to remove buildup of soap scum, hard water deposits, etc.      
  • Kitchen cleaning-restorative cleaning to remove buildup. 

Auxiliary Housekeeping Services

  • Tidying services.
  • Load/unloading of dishwasher.
  • Cleaning of interior of appliances.
  • Changing linens.
  • Partial laundry services.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Furniture, drapery, and other upholstery cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning of tile and grout.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Taking out pets while on-site.


We offer multiple options for scheduling, but the majority of our clients have services on a biweekly basis.