Customized services for your business.

Cleaning is often viewed a as a commodity.   While most people are capable of cleaning, it is hard to find honest, hardworking people that enjoy cleaning with a good attitude and will follow instructions.    Though, cleaning could be commoditized, at EcoPure, we believe otherwise.  

Though hard to find, there are plenty of honest and dependable people in this world and more specifically in the Cincinnati area and we look for them each day to be our team members.   

We look for team members that in addition to cleaning, they take pride in their work, they take accountability in their actions, and they are respectful of the environment they are in.   

If you want more than a commodity, EcoPure can assist.   

EcoPure loves “small accounts.”

Most janitorial accounts focus on accounts that they service daily.    Anything less frequent is more difficult to assign team members to and often creates turnover, which leads to inconsistent service.   

EcoPure service model aligns with businesses’ that need less than daily service.   Our other services are less frequent, and our team members are accustomed to traveling multiple locations each day unlike larger janitorial companies that are looking to place full time employees at each location.   

Full Service and/or Customized Cleaning

EcoPure offers full-service cleaning, meaning, we actually vacuum the entire floor, not just what is visible.   Full service is a much greater investment into your facility and your team than traditional spot cleaning.   We offer full service each visit or upon rotation, depending on your preferences, foot traffic, and budget.   

Full-service cleaning for carpeting is important to maximize the lifespan of your carpet and improves indoor air quality.   

Not all clients need full services, especially if there are less in office employees at your office.   

We can work creatively with a budget to find the best approach to cleaning your facility to maximize your cleaning investment.