What is Green?

Green, Sustainable, non-toxic, all natural, environmentally friendly…   

There are no standard definitions of any of these words, so rather than provide a dissertation on our opinions, we will provide you with transparency of what we do and how we do it and let youdeci de.    

We use the most effective, safest cleaning solutions that we can find.   To us, that means: 

1.   Made from natural sources like plants  

2.   Will readily biodegrade 

3.   Have “responsible” packaging (smallest amount of packaging necessary) 

4.   Will not negatively impact the flora or fauna (or ecology) of the environment  

5.   Is not known to be a dermal irritant 

6.   Produces minimal VOCS-VOCS that are produced are from essential oils (can be removed as requested) 

7.   We use microfibers to boost the strength of the cleaners so we can use less 

8.   We use HEPA vacuums that are energy efficient 

9.   We use dry vapor technology which can disinfect with only using water .

10. We use less water when cleaning than traditional methods.  

We stand behind what we do and how we do it. There are many “recipes” on effective cleaning with vinegar and baking soda.  While these might be acceptable for personal use, they aren’t items that we can use commercially.  Vinegar is an acid and over time it will etch certain surfaces, such as wood floors and the sealants used on granite.   This is just an example to explain that we understand the science behind cleaning and will do everything we can to be safe and effective.   

We take our research seriously on what is safe for our clients, which is why we use the word healthy. If you asked a vegetarian or someone on a paleo diet what is healthy, there would be two different answers, so we understand these are just words and encourage you to let us know your preferences, ask questions and tell us what you are looking for.