The Impact of Cleaning on Human Health

Most people know the impact of bacteria on health.  One can read the news of listeria, E. coli or other outbreaks and many of these outbreaks come from improper cleaning or lack of cleaning. 

However, in our daily lives there are many more ways that cleaning impacts health.  Here are a few that we focus on:

Did you know…Mildew in showers-many people hate the task of cleaning their showers and it is common practice for housekeepers to wipe showers as opposed to scrubbing the grout in showers.  When you shower, the warm air opens your air passages to allow deeper breathing.  You don’t want to breathe deeper with mold spores in the air.  We scrub the grout in your shower, it takes a little longer, but your health is worth it.

Did you know…Dust-Most people think dust is just dirt and is a cosmetic cleaning issue relative to the bathrooms and kitchen.  However, dust can lead to many problems.  Dust is a mixture of small particles.  The small particles can be anything from mold spores, bacteria, dead skin cells, pet dander, dust mites, fabric particles, radioactive decay particles from radon gas, just to name a few things.  Depending on what the dust is made of the dust will float in the air shorter or longer durations when there is air movement.  Air movement can be anything from running the HVAC to walking in a room or opening the front door.   The larger the particles that make up the dust, the faster the dust “precipitates” or falls to the ground or other surfaces.  The smaller the particle, the more they float around, giving you a chance to breathe them in.  Typically, the smaller particles are the ones that are more hazardous to your health, such as mold spores and bacteria.   The more frequent the dust is removed; it doesn’t have a chance to float around in the air.  A dusty environment makes the lungs work harder and taxes the body.  Dust left to accumulate can cause mold to grow and develop on exhaust fans in bathrooms and HVAC vents. 

Did you know…Carpets-according to the CRI, studies have shown a reduction in allergy symptoms in home with regularly cleaned carpets.  Carpets are the largest air filter in a building and they need cleaned on a regular basis.   Not only does this help keep you healthy, but your carpets will last longer.

Most people have heard that in the average household, the kitchen sink is dirtier than the toilet.   We understand that each home or office is unique and we make sure we provide a safe and healthy cleaning.