Post Construction Cleaning

 Did you know… We use different equipment. We started our cleaning company using new technology and supplies to provide a healthy clean. In doing this, we realized that our equipment and routines work more effectively than traditional methods to remove drywall dust, providing a thorough first time cleaning. 

Did you know… Our post construction team provides services to both residential and commercial projects.  

We know… We know that a construction project changes daily, hourly and often by the minute. We know that our job is to show off your hard work.   We take a team approach and your goals become our goals. We know that we are the last step in a long project and everyone gets anxious for us to finish.  

We know… that most problems come from communication problems and we work hard to understand your cleaning needs and to give you a realistic expectation of how quickly we can do our part. We will stay in contact with you to make sure we are ready as you finish up.

We know… we understand as your project nears completion, there are always some modifications that happen before, during, and after our cleaning. Our expectation is that we are the professional cleaners and we will reclean as you need us on an hourly basis. We want to return to make your work look terrific, not have one of your tradesmen try to clean instead.