Moving Services

We understand the stresses associated with moving and we are here to help. We provide the following services for our clients moving:

  1. Pre-listing cleaning-we know how to show off the features of your home and make your house look terrific. Details such as hand wiping baseboards,polishing fixtures, grout cleaning are just a few examples of what cleaning can do to show off your home.
  2. During listing cleaning-we know that daily life is sometimes a struggle, let alone when your home needs to be perfect at all times for that prospective buyer to come through your door. We can provide service on a weekly or as needed basis.
  3. Move out cleanings-after the moving truck leaves, we are happy to clean the entire home, apartment, condo or office as needed.
  4. Move in cleaning- Our clients know that we provide a different type of cleaning and want reassurance when they move in their new home, it has been properly cleaned. We can provide a deep cleaning of the entire home, carpet cleaning, and/or allergy treatment if there were previous pets in the home.

Other EcoPure moving services-

We offer indoor air testing services. If you have any concerns about indoor air in your future home or office, we can help with the following:

  1. Mold inspection/testing
  2. Radon testing
  3. VOC testing
  4. Allergen inspection/testing
  5. Second opinions of home inspection mold tests

Please see our indoor air pages for more information.