Furniture Cleaning

Did you know…   Furniture is one of the most overlooked sources of allergens and bacteria in both homes and businesses it is overlooked in the routine cleaning process. Typically, the only time furniture gets cleaned is when there is obvious stains or build-up of dirt.  

Did you know…   Furniture is an ideal home for dust mites to thrive and bacteria, mold spores, and pollens to accumulate for several reasons. 

First, dust mites accumulate wherever humans do and if we don’t clean furniture regularly, they build up.  25% of the population is allergic to dust mites and 90% of people with allergies have a dust mite allergies.  

Second, pollen is carried on clothing and brushes off onto the fabric.  

Third, people often eat and drop small crumbs of food, which allows the opportunity for bacteria and other pathogens to accumulate. Last, as furniture isn’t normally vacuumed as often as carpet,the substances accumulate even more. 

Did you know…  Each time a person sits on the furniture, the movement of the fabric and the air expels these allergens and other substances into the air and we inhale these small particles into our lungs. As we sit and shift, more of the particles move around for us to breathe in. These particles float in the air for several hours, creating the opportunity for employees that sit at a desk to breathe these in all day long or hours at a time when you are sitting in front of the T.V. relaxing.

People that have chronic sinus, respiratory, and/or allergy type of symptoms are usually the ones that are impacted the most.

Did you know…  EcoPure offers the only anti-allergen cleaning available in Cincinnati. We take furniture cleaning to the next level. We do this safely for your furniture and for your health.

We don’t use the same techniques that other carpet cleaning companies use, instead we have a more gentle approach which means we can clean very delicate fabrics.

We start our process with a thorough vacuum to remove the allergens and dirt and other dry substances with our HEPA or ULPA filtration system vacuums. This means when we clean, the allergens are captured in our vacuums, not spread around in your air.

We use a machine that super heats water into dry vapor that melts away stains, kills pathogens that can’t survive temperatures that exceed 267°F and removes odors in the process. We combine this with our cleaning agents that are safe for you and your furniture (and the environment too). Our technology has been independently shown through a third-party laboratory analysis to kill bacteria, molds and allergens.

If your furniture were cleaned more frequently, you would breath cleaner air each time you used your furniture. This, combined with other environmental control measures, like carpet cleaning, can improve allergy and asthma symptoms.