Drapery Cleaning

Did you know…  EcoPure can clean your drapes in place. No need to take them down! We offer a completely safe and effective cleaning of your drapes.

Did you know…  Your drapes will dry quickly-within a few hours

Did you know…  Our process is safe for all fabric types. We can clean very delicate fabrics.

Did you know…  EcoPure offers safe cleaning agents. We use dry vapor technology which allows us to gently sanitize and clean your fabric with very little to no cleaning agents. Our technology super heats water to more than 300°F and when released the temperature is around 267°F,which is hot enough to kill bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. At the same time, the vapor (as opposed to steam) is less than 5% water, which allows us to clean the most delicate fabrics, without concern of damage.

Did you know…  When stubborn stains persist, we use cleaners that won’t harm your fabric, us or the environment. We use the most effective, least aggressive cleaning agents. Please see our Green is Clean page for more information on our products. if you have any specific questions, please contact us. We are happy to work with you and any special needs you may have.

Did you know…  Pricing starts at $1.00 per square foot and volume discounts are available.