Cleaning for the Immune Compromised

Managing an illness is stressful; let us help by providing services that you can trust. 

Most people fail to realize the impact that cleaning can have on human health.   We take our cleaning very seriously and understand the impact we can make on someone’s life. 

We have experience in cleaning for individuals with special needs from infants to the elderly, to the chronically ill to those with life threatening allergies.  Once we understand your needs we will work with you to develop a cleaning plan that makes sense. 

Accommodations that we can make:

  1. We can adjust our cleaning products or use specific ones.  Our products are extremely safe and unless there is a specific citrus allergy, in all cases so far, our clients prefer our products.  We are happy to use specific cleaning products as long as they won’t harm us. 
  2. We can use your provided cleaning supplies or specific cleaning supplies.   We can recommend or purchase specific supplies for your home.   We use HEPA filtration vacuums which keeps the air cleaner while we clean.  Central vacuums or water filtration vacuums are alternatives that could make sense on an individual basis. 
  3. We can provide steam cleaning as an alternative.  We have steam mops and dry vapor machines that can substitute for using cleaning products. 
  4. Timing of cleaning.  In most cases, household dust takes approximately 3 hours to resettle once disturbed.  We use HEPA technology and microfiber technology that captures 99.9% of the particulates.  Therefore, we recommend that anyone with a compromised immune system not be in the home for up to 3 hours after we clean.   For those that can’t leave the home, we will can set up a system to address. 
  5. Deep cleanings.  There may be a need for different types of cleaning from mattress cleaning to carpet cleaning, we can provide packages that keep the home clean.
  6. Indoor air services.   We can test the indoor air, provide recommendations of indoor air monitoring/air purifiers and/or other items to keep the home as healthy as possible. 

We are happy to have a discussion on how we can be of service.