Carpet Cleaning

Did you know…  that Carpet Cleaning improves indoor air quality and helps people that have allergies and asthma. Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have seen symptoms improve with carpet.”

Did you know…  New carpet is the lowest VOC emitting flooring choice available.

Did you know…  Carpet acts as the largest air filter in a building. It acts passively by trapping dust pollen and other particles and removes them from the air that you breathe in. this is why allergy and asthma symptoms improve because the allergens are in the carpet and not in the air in which we breathe. Regular cleaning removes these particles from your carpet and extends the life.

Did you know…  The EcoPure process improves the indoor air quality of your building or home in many ways.

First, our process dries quickly– typically within an hour. We use drastically less water than older carpet cleaning techniques, which means the carpet dries quickly and there is no chance of mold growth in the padding or backing of the carpet. This means you can walk on your carpet immediately.

Second, our process starts with a thorough vacuum using true HEPA or ULPA filtration vacuums. We vacuum thoroughly first, capturing the dry dirt/pollen and other particles in our vacuums before starting to clean.

Third, we use safe and effective cleaning agents. We don’t use harsh chemicals; our cleaning agents are safe for everyone (and the environment too). We use newer technology that encapsulates the dirt, allergens, and bacteria for us to take out of your carpet during our process. When we finish, your carpet is sanitized.

Last, our process ends with another thorough vacuum, which is another way we insure that we are cleaning your air, while we clean your carpet.

Did you know… 

  • We don’t have long hoses coming from a large truck. We use new technology that is safe and effective to clean your carpets and your air.
  • Your carpets will look better the next day than when we leave. Our technology starts to work immediately and improves the appearance over time. Our process eliminates the “reappearing stains”
  • We clean any types of carpets and rugs. We can clean natural fibers and specialty rugs. Our process is more gentle than traditional methods.
  • We are different! Our process isn’t the same old technology that has been around for years. We are proud to be different and provide a healthier approach.
  • Our main cleaner deodorizes and eliminates difficult, but normal odors. We have additional technology to address severe odors.
  • We love to clean and love to make you happy! Our team takes great pride in our work and they want to make your carpet look terrific.
  • There are so many peers in our industry that provide great results just like we do at similar prices and we know it is difficult to choose. Many of our clients choose us because they trust us. They trust in our commitment to provide the healthiest safest cleaning experience they can get. We are transparent in what we do, how we do it and how we can help. We do not take risks with health. Whether it is a new born baby coming home from the ICU or a doctor’s office trusting us to disinfect their fabric, we take our work very seriously because health is important.