About EcoPure

EcoPure was founded by Stacy Do, who believes that you can make a large difference by doing small things differently. EcoPure was created in 2010 with the mission to improve the lives of those that suffer from allergies through environmental control measures and to prevent those that don’t have allergies from developing them.   

Environmental control measures are steps to reduce exposure to allergens. There are hundreds of small ways to reduce exposure to allergens, but the largest impact one can make is to have cleaner air.   EcoPure focuses on the indoor environment-whether a home, school, office or apartment building to provide services that improve the indoor air of these spaces.    

Though EcoPure was originally founded to help the 25%of all Americans that have allergies, our services go far beyond allergy suffers. Our mission is to improve human health through improving the indoor air.   We now do this by our indoor air services, cleaning services and through awareness and education on the importance of indoor air to our health.   

Stacy Do, IH, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and MA in Organizational Management. The pursuit to make a large difference by doing small things differently led her to find alternative ways to address her own allergies and illness. Being dependent on antihistamines, steroids, and other conventional medicine was not an acceptable way of life. As an industrial hygienist, as she found ways to improve her health, she wanted to help others do the same and prevent exposures from turning into illness.